CEAD is an industrial automation firm aimed to deliver machines for production innovations and subsequent cost effectiveness for the client. This helps customers compete in their manufacturing. We are experienced in system integration, assembly automation, inspection automation, industrial robots, PLC programming, manufacturing and machine building. We can provide the best automation solution for your company.



Building automation machines which don’t exist.


Development and integration of high-end machines for production and/or supply chain innovation and costs effectiveness.


Rapidly developing a custom-made solutions in our proprietary production facility with our experienced team.

CEAD is a multidisciplinary engineering firm which provides custom-made machinery and system integration for production facilities. With the combination of our experienced team, large fabrication facility and flexibility we are able to rapidly design and deliver coherent machinery for any manufacturer. We can combine machines that we develop and existing machinery to make sure the client gets the best solution. With a strong focus on personal aftercare, we make sure your innovations last.


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CEAD B.V. is proud for being acknowledged for having a good and safe learning environment for students.

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